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...beautifully complements its smart exterior styling...

Developed to demonstrate advanced ideas, Charger II is a styling show car which presents fresh, new directions in design from Dodge.  From a Delta ornamented hood to its fastback rear deck, the emphasis is on clean, sweeping lines.  Nothing protrudes.

Charger II front

Up front, a massive chromed steel frame integral with the trimly styled grill gives bumberlike protection, while blending neatly into the overall design.

Charger II is the latest example of the fact that you can depend on Dodge for the best in automotive dependable engineering and styling.

Charger II rear

Charger II side

Under the sleek hood of Charger II, ther's room for any one of Dodge's high-performance V8 engines.

The two rear bucket seats and armrests fold flat to form a large cargo space.

Charger II interior

Charger II dash/console

Charger II dash features complete instrumentation. Two center nacelles house a speedometer and tachometer.

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