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...comfort, convenience and performance features...

A bold, new imaginative experimental car from Dodge designed to significantly diminish the distance between the will of man and the response of the machine. Its every feature is aimed at providing instant response to the desires and commands of its two occupants - whether for comfort, convenience, enormous acceleration, tremendous speed, or for long-distance, mile-eating cruising.

Long, low, clean and sleek, Charger III affords an exiting and stimulating glimpse into the future of motoring with Dodge.

Charger III side

Charger III raised canopy

Raise-up canopy.
Headlamp doors.
Twin hood air scoops.
Rear brake air scoops.

Pivoted, contoured bucket seats.
Center console.
Swing-away instrument cluster.
Flow-through ventilation.
Periscope-type rearview mirror.
Spoiler-type air brake flaps.

Charger III interior

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