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August 1989

Cloner's Delight

Collectible Automobile - August 1989When fastbacks were all the rage in the Sixties, Dodge figured it should have one, too. But unlike the Mustang and Barracuda, which were based on compacts, Dodge followed the AMC Marlin's lead and used a mid-sized chassis. Richard M. Langworth tells how the workaday Coronet fared as a muscular fastback Charger, and what happened afterward.

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December 1998

Hamtramck's Faster Fastback

Collectible Automobile - December 1998The long-forgotten shape of the fastback coupe suddenly returned to prominence in the Sixties as a symbol of speeed and style. Dodge Jumped on the bandwagon to create the Charger, a big fastback that could be as potent as it was pretty.  Jeffrey Godshall takes us from design studio to the marketplace to show us whyh that was.

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June 1988

The 3+3 Fastback That Floundered

Collectible Automobile - June 1988Fastbacks were hot in the Sixties, and AMC -- trying to expand its horizons -- wanted one.  But something went wrong between the original concept and production, confides John A. Conde, then working in PR at AMC.  Marlin was doomed to flounder.

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August 1995

A Beautiful Rebellion on Wheels

Collectible Automobile - August 1995Dodge's shrunken 1962 full-size models were percieved as too small by new-car buyers -- and failed miserably.  The same basic package, reintroduced in 1965 and restyled for 1966, was a rousing sucess.  How could that be?  Jeffery Godshall knows.

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