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If you want to add an image of your 1966/1967 Dodge Charger (or change an existing one) please contact me first.

New releases of this screen saver will be announced to the subscribers of the "1966/1967 Dodge Charger Mailing List".

If you have the 1966 Coronet, Dart, and Polara/Monaco sales catalogs, and you would be willing to let me borrow them for a couple of days, please let me know.  I would like to borrow them to create the 1966 Dodge screen saver.

Windows screen savers


   Dodge Charger Mailing List

  Release 127

1967 Dodge:
   Charger, Coronet, Polara/Monaco, Dart

March 2009

Dodge Charger:

March 2009

1966 Dodge:
  Charger, Coronet, Polara/Monaco, Dart




These screen savers are distributed on an as is basis. No warranties, either expressed or implied, have been made. These screen savers are free, and are provided for your personal use and enjoyment. You are allowed to make copies and redistribute them, provided that this license is included.
They may not be sold.

Other Programs


VIN Decoder

  Body Code Decoder - 1966


  Body Code Decoder - 1967

JPEG Wallpapers


" leader of the Dodge Rebellion"

1024 x 768image800 x 600



Check back in the future.  I have some other plans for wallpapers based on some advertisements and promotional materials.

GIF Image Files


Charger "arrow" - 1966 OM front


Dodge "fratzog" - 1966 OM back


"Charger" script - 1966 OM front


Line drawing - 1967 OM front


"Dodge Charger" script - 1967 OM front


Line drawing - 1967 Color Chooser




These GIF images have been scanned from the front and back covers of both the 1966 and 1967 Dodge Charger owner's manual and a 1967 color chooser, and then cleaned up a bit.

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